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Covenant for TheKaz Mainland Regions[edit | edit source]


Last updated: June 2, 2023


TheKaz Mainland Region Covenant[edit | edit source]

This Covenant includes any subdivided land parcels that are part of TheKaz Mainland Regions

Note: We reserve the right to change the conditions of the covenant at any time. The latest version of the covenant will always be  found in your Covenant tab in the About Land section

REGIONS (i.e. SIMS)  IN TheKaz Mainland Regions  ARE OWNED BY TheKaz ESTATE (Kazuko Yoshida).  


TheKaz Mainland Region Management[edit | edit source]


Kazuko Yoshida - Estate Owner

Leasing/Buying a parcel or a private region in the area known as the TheKaz Mainland, signifies agreement to comply with this covenant.  This covenant tries to focus on common sense restrictions on the nature of the build and the activities that are allowed.  

The land will be set “for sale” in order for it to show up on the World Map in yellow.  “Purchase” the land AFTER you have read the covenant.  Your payment for the land will be your first months Tier Payment

1.  General Overview[edit | edit source]

Here in the TheKaz Mainland Region area all of our regions exist to provide good sailing, boating, and flying experiences, as well as being desirable places to live.

Residents are not permitted to take provocative actions that would inhibit that experience such as editing others boats or planes.

On the other hand, aviators, when not on final descent are expected to maintain a minimum altitude of 100 meters above the seabed, (The "Z" number on the top display of your Viewer Window) and boats are not permitted to travel at high speeds through the region. Use common sense and you will be fine. Those who wish to fight over these issues might find themselves banned from the area.

2.  Subdividing and selling of TheKaz Mainland Regions[edit | edit source]

If you own a region in TheKaz Mainland Region you are entitled to subdivide and sell the land in anyway you choose.  Once you sell any part of your Mainland you lose all authority over that land. Refer to the Website concerning Tier Pricing

3.  Subletting[edit | edit source]

This is encouraged however any and all tenants must meet the conditions of this Covenant.  You as the Landlord must provide your own rules and rental system.  The Grid Currency is Gloebits.

4.  Location Themes and Build Approval[edit | edit source]

If you buy a private region or parcel in the TheKaz Mainland Region you are bound to follow the covenant also and keep your region/parcel in the coastal/island theme

The Management realises that building and Landscaping is an ongoing procedure therefore pre-approval of your builds is not required.

However the TheKaz Mainland Region management reserves the right to require you to alter change or remove any terraforming, building or structure that it considers is not appropriate for the TheKaz Mainland Region  theme.  

All construction projects lasting more than 4 hours need to take place at or above 2500 meters.  

Skyboxes - any size, shape, or theme are allowed at or above 2500 meters within the boundaries of your parcel or private region.

Airports MUST be on the land/water,  please no Airports or landing platforms above the land unless they are space stations above 3000meters.   The sky above your Land should be clear under 2500m

5.  Terraforming[edit | edit source]

See above Building Approval.  Please note this is Mainland, and we ask that you do not terraform the coastline too much - ie keep the existing shape of the land as much as possible.  We are open to change so if there is a large change to be made to the shape of the land please discuss it with the The Grid Management first

6.  Privacy issues (Ban Lines)[edit | edit source]

No Ban Lines - period.

Sailing and flying rights are paramount. If your parcel extends into the water, sailing may occur across your private property and nothing should prevent this.

Other residents (and guests) are allowed to walk across your property within reason -- particularly along the waterfront. The privacy of your house (and Skybox) is yours. You may ban individuals from your home parcel or Land if they are causing problems.

Scripted Security Systems are allowed but may not extend beyond the boundaries of the HOUSE nor limit flying over the parcel..

If you want to exclude ALL visitors from your land, then perhaps a Mainland Region is not for you,  please ask about a private region away from the mainland

9. Other considerations[edit | edit source]

Any use of excessive scripts or other such activities that adversely affects region performance will not be permitted.

While we do not care what you do inside your home or in your skybox, our regions are “moderate” and we interpret that to mean no public nudity.  

Clubs, Stores, farm systems pets etc etc are permitted however please have consideration for the appearance and the script weight on the server. IF anything adversely affects the servers performance, or is just plain ugly when seen from the outside of the region or parcel,  management may ask you to cease or change that activity


  * This covenant is subject to change as circumstances require without notice in order to serve our residents and maintain our estates A few examples of reasons being technological advances, new tier system set ups or new staff additions to name a few..

  * Management retains the right to add additional regions in the area including next to your region.

Last updated: June 2, 2023